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Updates from SAISD Curriculum and Instruction Team

San Angelo ISD wants to extend our sincere gratitude to our students, families, and staff as you continue to support the district and ensure that all students achieve success. Together, we have created a successful start to the 2020-2021 school year. As we prepare to enter the next 9-weeks grading period in a few weeks, our Curriculum and Instruction Team would like to share the following updates and helpful information.

Instructional Model Switch Update

Our instructional model switch is coming up on Monday, October 19th for the 2nd 9-week grading period for those who chose to switch between in-person and virtual instruction in our SAISD Virtual Academy. At this time, our counselors are contacting anyone who submitted the instructional model switch request form to begin working on the process to switch your student to their new preference. Counselors will discuss with you any adjustments that may need to be made to your student’s schedule, determine any discrepancies, and/or provide confirmation for your switch. 

Secondary Early Release October 16th 

As a reminder, San Angelo ISD high school and middle school students have an early release day on Friday, October 16th. 

Central High School, Central on Oakes and Lake View High School will release at 1pm
PAYS and Carver Alternative Campus will release at 12:30 pm
Glenn, Lee and Lincoln Middle Schools will release at 12:45 pm
Elementary students will release at their usual time at 3 pm 

This early release will provide our educators sufficient planning time needed due to student switches in instructional models occurring at the second 9-weeks on October 19th. These switches require logistical changes including preparation of updated student schedules, allocation of campus resources and instructional support. 

New Virtual Academy Feedback Form 

San Angelo ISD is providing students and families the opportunity to give feedback concerning our Virtual Academy. This feedback will help us continue to improve the experience within the Virtual Academy and platform. We want to do all we can to support the academic success and social-emotional well-being of our students. If you have feedback on how to improve the Virtual Academy, please share it with us through the links below so we can work to address your specific concerns and help improve your experience: 

Elementary Virtual Academy Feedback Form
Secondary Virtual Academy Feedback Form

Elementary - Tips for Virtual Guardians

San Angelo ISD elementary guardians can also expect an email from your student’s Principal with a list of tips to help improve your experience as the learning coach in your home. Your SAISD Digital Support Teacher is always available to assist you. Please reach out to them, your campus or our Curriculum and Instructional department if you have any questions. 

We appreciate our families and students working with us to provide successful educational experiences as we navigate these new challenges. We strive to be flexible and accommodate your needs within our capabilities.